Download Your 33 Question Checklist with everything you need to Ask When Hiring an Internet Defamation Lawyer.


Are you the target of defamatory internet attacks, allegations, reviews, or posts, and are considering hiring an internet defamation lawyer? When hiring an internet defamation lawyer, it can be tough to know exactly where to start and what questions to ask. 

This 33-question comprehensive checklist will empower you to ask the right questions when hiring an internet defamation lawyer or law firm, such as: 

  • Important pre-consult questions to determine whether a lawyer or law firm is the right fit for your legal matter,
  • Common cost questions to help you determine the pricing scope of your legal matter,
  • Timeline questions to understand how long your legal matter will take, and more!

Not only will you know the right questions to ask when hiring an internet defamation lawyer or law firm, you will be in the driver’s seat when doing so.

Download the Playbook